How to set escort career goals for the year

Anytime that you run a business, you must set goals. Even though you may not think of your escorting career as a business, you should. You market your services, provide services to clients, keep track of your income and do business like many other entrepreneurs do.

Happy escorts can smile only when they have set their 2013 goalsYou have responsibilities related to customer service, accounting, marketing and product management. You are a business owner. But, as a business owner, the key to increased success is establishing goals for your enterprise.

A business without goals is much like a ship at sea with no navigational techniques. If you don’t know how you want your business to grow or what you want it to become, you won’t know when it reaches those points. Every successful business owner gets serious about the details of his or her business eventually and sets goals, maintains records and establishes long-term desires. Because you want to be successful in 2013, it’s time to sit down and figure out what you want the next year to hold in store for you.

The first thing to consider is the S.M.A.R.T. concept for setting goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

The S.M.A.R.T. concept helps a business owner (or anyone, really) focus on the core principles to good goal-setting techniques. Goals must be all of these things to be effective tools to grow your business.

As an escort, you should use these steps to create goals that will help you enhance your escort career in 2013:

  • Look back on 2012. Set some time aside that you won’t be interrupted to examine your career over the past year. Make sure that distractions are limited so you can focus clearly. Pull your records about your income, schedule and any obstacles overcome during 2012. Consider any obstacles or challenges that you didn’t over come throughout the year. Putting all of this together, you have a pretty good idea of the level of business you achieved through the year and what it took to accomplish it. If you don’t have these records readily available for your review, make your best attempt to figure out the basics, especially your income. Having information from this past year makes goal-setting for 2013 much easier.
  • Determine the difference between short- and long-term goals. Some goals are easily achievable in a short time. However, some goals take more time and resources to accomplish. For example, a goal to get a new phone to make communicating with clients easier may be much easier to accomplish than a goal involving finding a luxurious incall in a prime location for clients. Use your common sense to decide which goals can be accomplished during the next year and which ones should be reserved for overall planning. Long-term goals may help you set short-term goals. By determining what you want for your business in the future, you can figure out what baby steps you must make in order to get your business to a certain point. A goal of a new incall might include smaller goals of increasing your monthly income and establishing a steady list of regulars who prefer incalls.
  • Create goals that are specific. Vague goals provide no direction for your business or efforts. “Do better in 2013″ may be a great overall goal, but it isn’t specific enough to mean anything. “Increase Internet marketing by finding five more outlets on which to advertise” is a specific goal that provides details about what you’re going to do. It is specific, because it indicates you are going to increase your online efforts to get clients by using five new mediums. Goals should indicate clearly what you are going to do and what you hope will happen from your actions. They should be concrete goals without being wishy-washy and include details and numbers where applicable.
  • Establish goals that are quantifiable and measurable. Some goals are impossible to determine reached because they don’t provide information about what you really need to do. “Increase the number of clients I see” is an admirable goal, but it is unclear whether you want to increase your goal by one or 100 clients. An appropriate goal would be: “Increase the number of clients I see by 10%.” That goal is measurable and quantifiable. You can easily attach a number to it and measure the goal to determine if it’s reached. Other goals you may want to consider is increasing your income by a specified percentage, increasing your profile and website hits by a specified percentage and decreasing the number of hours you work by an hour each day (work smarter, not harder). Some goals do not lend easily to statistics or numbers. But, being able to measure them is just as important. “Do better at customer service” is a hard goal to measure for an escort. But, by transitioning the goal a bit to “Improve customer service by retaining 80 percent of clients,” your goal becomes much more quantifiable. Focus on ways you can measure each and every one of your goals.
  • Make your goals action-oriented. As part of each of your goals, list ways that you plan to accomplish them. If your goal includes a new website, lay out your plans to create content, select photographs and find a new host, if necessary. Laying out what needs to be done in order to make your goals happen makes them seem much more achievable. Giving each goal sub-goals that include actionable efforts helps guarantee your commitment to them. It also requires you to think through your goals very clearly as you establish them. Sometimes, business owners realize that a goal is a long-term goal instead of a short-term goal after they’ve analyzed the effort it will take to accomplish it. This process helps you to create goals that you can make happen.
  • Expecting to double your income in one year during a recession is an unrealistic goal

    Create realistic goals. Too often business owners establish highly-motivated goals and never achieve them because they are not realistic.However, attempting to increase it by 2 percent each month may be accomplishable. Becoming a courtesan during 2013 is a great aspiration, but if you are currently only making $150 per hour, you have too far to go during the year to make that goal a reality. Focus on what seems realistic and doable as you sit down with your goals in mind. Don’t let reality rain on your parade, though. Sometimes greatness is achieved by biting off more than you think you can chew. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars…but, realize that they may not be within your grasp just yet. If you establish a few far-fetched goals for your escort career, be sure to balance them out with other more attainable aspirations.

  • Set deadlines for your goals. Of course, if you’re setting goals for calendar year 2013, December 31st will likely be the ultimate deadline. However, some goals have to be accomplished before others in order to reach success. Keep this in mind as you look at your goal set for 2013. For instance, if you want a good shot at increasing your client base and attracting new clients, a new website or website overhaul should be accomplished earlier in the year. Getting new photographs taken won’t help your other marketing-related goals if you don’t get them taken until December…so a goal like this should be targeted for no later than March, which is the end of the first quarter. Within your goals, you may have specific actions that are required in order to make them happen. Establish deadlines for these actions, too. If you’re wanting to redo your website by June 1, have your content completed by March 1, pictures selected by April 1 and a website developer contracted by April 15. Deadlines will help ensure that your goals are met and you stay on track for the year.
  • Ensure your goals complement each other. Sometimes, despite how good goals seem, they can contradict each other and be counterproductive. For example, maybe you’ve set the goal to tour twice through the year. If you’ve also established the goal to work fewer hours daily, these two may not always coincide. When you tour, you tend to work more and fit in as many clients as you can. But, if your goal is to work fewer hours, touring may require the opposite of you. Another way that goals sometimes clash is when you plan to spend more on marketing, but don’t plan accordingly to increase your income to pay for it. After you’ve established your goals, examine them for any inconsistencies or ways that they are working against each other.
  • Ask your colleagues for information about their goals. Talk to other escorts and ask them what their goals are for the year. Most of them will focus on goals oriented to their incomes and client numbers. But, others might have some really insightful goals that would help you if you implemented, too.
  • Avoid establishing goals if you have no intention of doing them. Setting a goal of touring once a year isn’t worth working toward if you don’t want to do it. Maybe you’re a homebody or have kids, and the idea of touring is just impossible. Don’t set it as a goal, then. If you think you have a terrific website, don’t set the goal to overhaul it. Don’t waste your time setting goals if you don’t really intend working on them.
  • Follow through on your goals. Write them down and keep them in an easily accessible place. Many escorts keep them where they are quite visible all the time, such as hanging up in their offices or on post-it notes on their laptop desktop. Keeping them visible at all times is a constant reminder of what you should be doing and what you’re working toward.
  • Avoid guilt or emotions associated with your goals. Throughout the year, keep looking at your goals list. If you’re failing to meet a specific goal (or goals), don’t get emotional over it. Blame and guilt have no place when establishing and pursuing goals. Don’t beat yourself over the head about it…just try to move on and do better.
  • Remember to set some goals for yourself. While being a successful escort is going to help you through life (buy groceries, pay rent, go on vacation, fulfill bills), you still need to ensure that you are leading a happy life. Make sure to make it a goal to set aside time for yourself and your own mental health. Being an escort is hard work and can be extremely stressful. Factor in fun and relaxation as a part of your daily life in order to keep you the rigors you career require of you.