How cultural diversity poses challenges for escorts

The “language of love” is supposed to conquer all cultural barriers and other obstacles that make romances with other nationalities and religions impossible. However, for an escort it’s often difficult to adequately perform with clients of other nationalities due to simple obstacles that make it seemingly impossible to communicate or find common ground.

While many escorts specifically state in their profiles that they only see Americans or fluent English speakers so as to avoid challenges posed by clients from other cultures, some escorts try opening their minds a little. If you are hoping to attract clients of other cultures and nationalities, consider these obstacles first before inviting the world to your date:

  1. Don’t take anything you know for granted. Other people grew up differently: what’s self-evident to you, may be a shock for the people you meet. Your way to live is not the only one.
  2. Language barriers can make setting up an encounter difficult, if not impossible. Not being able to communicate to the client what your rates are, when to meet or where to meet can make booking the encounter impossible. Additionally, if the client has questions, you may not be able to understand or answer. If a client asks for special permission to perform a specific sex act on you, and you agree unknowingly, he or she may perform something that is completely off limits normally. Communication is necessary between you and your client. If you cannot understand him or her, the encounter is really not a good idea. If you’re interested in seeing clients of various nationalities, you should make an effort to learn multiple languages. Even if you can’t speak them all fluently, you will have some basic understanding of the language and the ability to communicate general things back and forth.
  3. Gestures can cause problems. In England, holding up a “V” with your fingers is the equivalent to flipping someone the bird. Indicating to someone to “come here” with your finger in a come-hither motion is offensive to people from Asia or the Middle East. (The “come here” motion is often used as a seduction technique when teasing your client,which wouldn’t work with a client from one of these nationalities.) Individuals from India or Bulgaria think that when you shake your head (like you’re saying “no”) that you mean “yes”. Standing with your hands on your hips is a hostile gesture to someone from Southeast Asia. Not knowing what gestures can cause misunderstandings between you and your client can be a recipe for disaster and cause your client to walk out in the middle of an encounter. Cultural differences are huge, and not knowing them can be truly detrimental to your work.
  4. Varying concept of punctuality of diverse clients may drive you crazy! When you say to meet at 3 p.m., a client from Latin America may arrive up to an hour late, just because that’s how his culture works. They mean no harm by showing up late – that’s how time works in their culture. Thus, if your usual policy is to cancel an appointment with a client because he shows up late, you may not want to accept any bookings with a Latin client. Or you need to very clearly tell him what your expectations and terms are as far as the booking and when you want him to show up. Be sure to tell the client that if he shows up late, you will not see him. Stress to him that he must show up at the time assigned or he doesn’t get to play. Or, if are genuinely curious about people, you may try finding something to respect in their background just for a few hours or looking at the world through their eyes.
  5. Personal hygiene differences are huge when seeing diverse clients. Many clients from other nationalities weren’t exposed to heavy American advertising by the likes of Procter & Gamble, and feel fine without a deodorant or even a shower. Showering 2-3 times a week is as natural for them as 2-3 showers a day for you. And as far as trimming up “down there,” you might as well forget about it. Manscaping is not within their vocabularies. Their oral health may differ from ours, as many nationalities don’t have access to all our dental conveniences. Escorts seeing female clients should expect them to have significantly more body hair than American women do, especially on their legs and under their arms. Many differences may be found across the cultures, and some could be possible deal breakers for you as an escort.
  6. Sex differences could make encounters difficult. Many Muslim men will not engage in oral sex with a woman, which is something you should know before you start to encourage it. Additionally, they are unlikely to have sex with a woman who is on her period or recently finished it. Many cultures refuse to use birth control, so they will probably request the option to go without a condom. You may have trouble informing them this is not an option. Additionally, many male clients from other countries may expect you to be more considerate.

Not all diverse clients will pose these kinds of problems, but some will. And escorts who are willing to see them need to be aware of potential challenges.

Keep in mind that you have the right to refuse service to any client for any reason. If she smells bad, suggest that she find another escort. If she is disrespectful due to her gender roles beliefs, refer her to another escort. If you think her teeth look awful and can’t stand the thought of kissing her, give her the brush off. And, if you can’t understand a word she  says, be cautious in booking an encounter with her.

Diverse clients can be lots of fun and you can learn a lot — but only if you want to.